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Hi guys! I'm having this huge de-stach because I'm saving up to go to Italy for a school trip! I've studied Italian for 2 years now and this trip would be an awesome experience..
I'm sorry, but I can only ship within Australia. Postage will be $7.00 for up to 500grams. I will let you know if your purchase is over this amount and we will work something out. Payment will be via PayPal only via the gift option. Payment must be made within 24 hours.
If your interested in a polish/es please email me at with your list and we can talk from there.
( BN - Brand New )
Ulta3 Twilight Fever (BN) - $1.00
Ulta3 Chocolate Cake (BN) - $1.00
Ulta3 Wild Berry (BN) - $1.00
Ulta3 Footloose Fuchsia (BN) - $1.00
Ulta3 Pearly Grape (BN) - $1.00
Ulta3 Lollypop Lilac (BN) - $1.00

Face Of Australia Heart Of Glass (used once) - 50cents
Face Of Australia Lookin' For Some Hot Stuff (BN) - $1.00
Face Of Australia Dancing Queen (BN) - $1.00

MUD Deep Blue Sea (used once) -$1.00
MUD Passionight (BN) -$1.50

Jordana Blue Flash (BN) -$4.00
Jordana Yellow Dazzle (BN) -$4.00
Jordana Fuchsia Flicker (used twice) -$2.00
Jordana Lilac Hearts (used once) -$2.00

Sally Hansen Back to the Fuchsia (used once) $4.00
Sally Hansen Mint Sorbet (used once) $3.00
Sally Hansen  Fruitti Petutie (BN) $5.00

Sinful Colors Call You Later (BN) $3.00
Sinful Colors Purple Diamond (BN) $3.00
Sinful Colors Pink (BN) $3.00

China Glaze Happy Go Lucky (BN) $6.00
China Glaze Crackle Latticed Lilac (BN) $4.00

Revlon Moon Candy Supernova (BN) $3.00
Revlon Pineapple Fizz (BN) $2.00

Wet n Wild Coloricon No name (swatched once on nail wheel) $3.00
Wet n Wild Coloricon No name (swatched once on nail wheel) $3.00

Pretty & Polished I want candy! (used twice) $6.00
Pretty & Polished Boombox (used once) $7.00
Pretty & Polished Popples (used once) $7.00

Julep Madison (used once) $5
Essie Strawberry Sorbet (used once) $5
Pure Ice Come Closer (BN) $3.00

Sephora by O.P.I No name (used once) $1.00
Sephora by O.P.I No name (used once) $1.00

Savvy Black Cat (BN) $2.00
Savvy Splash & Dash (used once) $1.00
Savvy Strawberry Punch (BN) $2.00
Savvy Tropical Martini (BN) $2.00

BA Nails Emerald Envy (BN) 50cents
Maybelline Iced Queen (BN) $2.00
Orly Walk Down The Aisle (BN) $3.00
Rimmel Caramel Cupcake (BN) $3.00
Spoiled Ants In My Pants (BN) $1.00
O.P.I Cracked Red Shatter (BN) 50cents
Australis Milky Way (BN) $4.00
BYS Table for Two (BN) 50cents

Polish Addict Nail Color Cupcakes & Sprinkles (used once) $2.00
Eicyattenails 69 Vette (used once) $3.00
Bella Belle Bumble Bee (used once) $7.00
Dead Set Babes Shocked (used once) $7.00
Toya Jade Tammy (used once) $2.00
U-Neek Polish  Impure (used once) $2.00
Polish Addict Nail Color Sand & Surf (used once) $2.00


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