Sunday, 16 February 2014

Cirque - Tibetan Nights

Hi girls, 
Today I have a polish to show you that is a new to me brand, although it has been around for quite a while! I bought this baby from a blog sale and I don't regret a single thing! 

Tibetan Nights, silver holographic hex and bar glitter in a dark blue base
Here is three thin coats with topcoat. Application was a breeze and I didn't have any trouble. I read a lot of reviews on this polish and most say that the polish is "too thin" but no way did I find this polish too thin! A lot say the glitter sinks to the bottom, I didn't have that problem either. Maybe I just got a good bottle, hey? ;) 

Also, did you notice a difference in my photo? I finally bought a light box and lights and am still trying to figure it out but I am loving how better the quality is then my previous pictures! This polish was a little hard to photograph because of the base, but trust me.. It's gorgeous! 

This polish is available from the Cirque website,

Saturday, 8 February 2014

Shades Of Phoenix Mother Is God 2.0

Hey everyone, 
Long time no post! I've been fairly busy lately with school starting back up again and the summer heat lately and just haven't been bothered to blog. I also ran out of indies to post about ( Nooo! ) but I found an old polish of mine that I haven't swatched yet so here it is..

Mother Is God 2.0 is a plum like creme base with rose coloured large holo hexes and small pink glitters.
Here is just TWO coats with topcoat! Application was so good I didn't even have to do any clean up, it really was a dream to apply. The bigger glitter didn't come out as much as the small hex but it gave the polish a nice sparse effect. I really liked this more then I thought I would!

Unfortunately this polish isn't available for purchase anymore which is such a shame because its gorgeous and such a unique polish. However, Shades Of Phoenix offer a lot of great polishes so make sure to check out their store by visiting