Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Review: Pretty & Polished Summer In The City Collection

Hello everyone,
Today I have something awesome to share with you all. All my swatches from Summer In The City Collection. In total there are 5 polishes so keep reading if your interested.

 First up we have Boombox, a blue halo.

Beautiful, I know. It was very easy to apply and this is only one coat by itself. This polish actually dries matte but I prefer it with top coat and in this case I used Seche Vite, aswell as all the others.

Next we have I Want Candy!, a pink halo.

This photo isn't the true colour, its more neon-ish in person. This was just as easy to apply as the blue one. This is only one coat with one coat of Seche Vite on top.

Next is Crush, a orange halo.

This is probably my favourite out of the three halos. Its not as bright in real life but is still eye catching. Once again, amazing formula and only one coat topped with one coat of Seche Vite.

Second last we have Popples, a white base with neon glitters in all shapes an sizes.

Unfortunately my camera makes the base look yellow which in person it is defiantly not. Unlike the others this is three coats but two was enough. This took a little while to dry due to putting on so many coats. There was no fishing for glitter what so ever.

Lastly we have So Jazzed! a neon purple base and a mixture of neon blue glitters.

This is probably my favourite of the whole collection because of the colours, drying time and the formula. This is only one coat with one coat of Seche Vite on top. No fishing for glitter with this one either.

Here I swatched them on a nail wheel, this shows the true colour closer then my own nails do except for the orange. Who knew it was so hard to capture it!

Over all I am so impressed with all these polishes. I do recomend them all and can't complain about anything. They are also 3-Free which is a bonus. If you are interested in any of these you can find them by clicking here.


Sunday, 26 May 2013

Review: Seche Vite Porfessional Kit & Seche Vite Restore

Hello everyone,
Today I am going review these products below. I did get these for free as my nailmail buddy IG: nailsbymissk sent them too me, I'm pretty sure she payed around $25 AUD for both. Keeping in mind she got a special deal as she got them from her beauty supplier.

Starting with the professional kit.. I honestly think it is worth every cent. Roughly I think it will last me about 10 refills. It comes in a 118 ml bottle with a funnel also, it is very easy to pour into a new bottle. No spills so far, there is nothing to complain about with this product.

Secondly, the Seche Vite restore I have only used it once but it works wonders. It comes with a tool which allows you to out as many drops as you need.  I think I will find this product very useful in the future.

Over all, I do recommend both these products. As you can see, both will last me a very long time so it is defiantly worth it even if it is a little pricey. I'm not too sure where to purchase these but you can always look on Ebay or Amazon.

New post coming soon, Ell.

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Review: 69 Vette

Hello everyone,

I'M BACK! Sorry for not posting in a while but I've been so busy lately & I wrecked my lightbox. Anyway, enough excuses I have an awesome indie to show you today called 69 Vette which is made by IG:Eicyatnails

 The colour is a golden yellow, with golden flakes. When it dries it is has a rough finish which is so pretty and dries basically instantly. 

I then added a top coat and my jaw literally dropped. It is beautiful. I'm not normally a gold girl either. Here it is with Seche Vite on top.

Unfortunatly 69 Vette is made out of an Automotive base which means its not 3-free besides that
overall I am super happy about this polish. It applied so smoothly and this is just ONE coat. I hope to get more from Stacie. If you wish to purchase from her, click here

Ell :)

Saturday, 4 May 2013

Review: Toya-Jade Polish

Hello girls,
It's been a big weekend for me since I've been swatching and I'm finally done! First up I've got to show you is Tammy! The pictures below are two coats over one coat of light purple. Although this polish is a lot more purple in real life I really do love it & am planning on using it again very soon!
Close up of Tammy.

Next I have Final Touch, I put two thin coats over a pink, blue, red and then purple polish. The photos do no jutice as it is defiantly a must have! I cant wait to put this over all my mani's.

Close up of Final Touch over O.P.I Youre a Pisa Work & Essie Butler Please.

Lastly I have Black Star, with the photo below you can't see how beautiful it really is. It is 4 thin coats by itself.

This close up of Black Star shows the true colour and the holographic goodness.

Overall, I am very happy with all three of these polishes. They were all quick drying and I had no trouble applying any of them. If you are interested in any of these polishes you can buy them by clicking here.


Review: Dead Set Babes Polish

Hello Girls, 
Today I swatched two of Dead Set Babes polish, the first one is Shocked. At first I was upset that it was so hard to apply but after letting it stand upside down for 10-15 mins it was a lot better. This 2 really thin coats over white It was still a little hard to apply. Unfortunately the hearts and dots tend to curl a little but it's nothing that a coat of Seche Vite can't fix. Overall I was happy with this polish.

The second one I swatched is called Thunderstruck. I applied only ONE coat over silver, black, white and then purple. This polish has an awesome formula and you don't have to fish for glitters. I was so happy about this one, I currently still have it on. 

Here is a close up of Thunderstuck over white which was personally my favorite. Can you see how amazing it is? I will defiantly be wearing this again.

Both polishes were topped with Seche Vite, I am happy with both these polishes and hope to purchase a couple more of them. You can order your own polish by clicking here.


Friday, 3 May 2013

NOTD: Sugar Spun Nails

Hello Girls, 

Sorry for not posting these yesterday but my computer wasn't working but anyway I seen somebody do these nails and wanted to try right away. For my base coat I used Sinful Colours Snow Me White, which I must admit is the best white I've ever used. 

My mother also loved the style of my nails and wanted them on her too, so we now have matching nails. Mums nail are under mine in the picture below. I have gotten so many compliments on these and will defiantly have to try them again with different colours. 

I'm not sure if you can tell but I didn't use a top coat because I wanted that rough effect which feels awesome by the way! 


Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Nail Mail

Hello girls,

Today I have two nail mail packages to show you, the first one is from Shez, creator of Toya-JadePolish.

From left to right there is Final Touch a clear holographic polish , Black star a black holographic polish and then Tammy a light purple polish with spectraflair.

My second nail mail was from Bella, the creator of Dead Set Babes.

For some reason I cant seem to rotate the photo but on the left is Thunderstruck a clear base with large sized grey and blue matte hex, small purple and lavender metallic glitter hex & some holographic bars. On the right we have Shocked, a white creme base with small and large neon pink squares, black hearts, black stars, black dots and black hex glitter.
I am so excited to swatch all these polishes and am so happy I have finally got some indies. All swatches will hopefully be up by the end of next week at the latest.
Stay tuned, Ell