So, a little while ago, I got a couple girls to ask me about my nails & nail art ect.. So here are my answers! Don't be afraid to ask me anything else, I don't bite ;)
Question: What is your favourite colour?
My favourite colour is probably purple and pink. Although when I do my nails I love to use blue.
Question: Do you use any special nail treatments? If so, do they work?
At the moment I am using 2 base coats, Duri & Essie Grow Stronger. I found they do work, I haven’t had any major breaks since using them.

Question: What got you into nail art?
Well, this is tough.. I dont actually remember. I mean, ever since I was tiny I used to paint my nails and * attempt * dots, stripes and all that but it didn’t become serious until late December 2012.

Question: How long has nail art been your hobby?
Another tough question, I would say 11 months.

Question: Your favourite and least favourite design that you've done?
To be completely honest I don’t really have a fav as I love all the designs I do, but I have a soft spot in my heart for all my beloved leopard print designs. My least favourite is all the nail fails!

Question: How many polishes do you have at the moment?
I actually don’t know exactly, but around 350.

Question: What made you sign up for a nail account on Instagram?
The main reason was I was embarrassed to post them anywhere else. I could just hide behind a screen and nobody knew it was me, I wouldn’t be judged.

Question: Who is your nail inspiration?
Well I'd have to say all my lovely friends on Instagram! Without them I probably wouldn't have been doing nail art in the first place and the confidence to do so.

Question: Are you a licensed manicurist?
No I’m not! I am only 14, which means I’m not even old enough to work anywhere just yet.

Question: What is your favourite nail polish brand?
I don’t really have a certain one but I am a fan of Ulta3 as they’re cheap, great quality and have a range of different colours.

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