Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Review- PANC Sand & Surf

Hey girls!
Today I have yet another, polish to show you from the amazing indie line ' Polish Addict Nail Color '. This one is quite different to all the indie polishes I own, I've never seen anything like it before! I think this colour is discontinued now because I can't find it on the site :(

Sand & Surf has a mixture of blue, purple and tiny tiny pink (?) glitter in a milky nude-ish base.
Here I've done 3 coats with one coat of Glossy Glam topcoat on top. I probably should of added another coat of topcoat because the blue glitter tend to stick up a little. There's also a little bit on VNL, but you can't notice it unless you looking at your nails directly in the sun. Application was good, but it was hard to get the bigger glitter out. It might be just because I have a mini bottle, I'm not sure. 
Once again, I'm impressed by the quality of the polish made by PANC. Check out Laura & Crystal's store by clicking here. They also have the discontinued polishes marked down to $5! So get in quick :)


Sunday, 27 October 2013

Review: Shades Of Phoenix Poseidon

Hey girls,
So I bought this polish from Teneil, the owner and creator of Shades of Phoenix a while back and only got around to properly swatching it now, and I have no idea why I didn't earlier. 

Poseidon has different shaped and sized turquoise glitters, blue squares and white bar glitter in a green jelly base.

Here I've done three thin coats with one coat of Glossy Glam topcoat on top. Although you could get away with two thick-ish coats. This applied so beautifully and there was really no need for cleanup. There was so fishing for glitter, I honestly didn't have any trouble with this polish at all! 

I really do love Teneil's polishes as they're all inspired by different things, and mean something to her which is really special. I just wish I owned more, I actually did attempt to do nail art over these to win some but they turned out horrific! I might try again tomorrow as I'm dying to get my greedy hands on more. If your interested, check out Shades of Phoenix store by clicking here :)


Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Review: Moonstone Nail Polish

Hey girls!
I am a very exciting post to share with you all today. Why am I so excited to show you these swatches, you ask? Well they're made by my very talented friend Caitlin ( @caitnails on Instagram ) and she is very new to this indie polish business. Infact, her polishes aren't even released yet! Anyway, lets get to the swatches.

First up I have " Radioactive ". It has a shimmery purple base with a subtle pink/purple/blue colour shift. It is so pretty! 
Here I've done three coats alone with a topcoat. It's seriously so so pretty!
I loved the way the polish looked on its own but I really wanted to try it over a base colour. So here is 2 coats over a dark purple. I love this so much more! Application was easy, the polish is really thin but it doesn't affect the application in anyway so it's not a big deal at all. 

Next up is " Dark Shines " a blue jelly with purple holographic flakes with blue shimmer. This one is gorgeous and actually looks purple in person and blue in photos!
Here is two easy coats with a coat of Glossy Glam topcoat. This polish, unlike the first one, has a thick formula which is good because its easy to apply and gives a great coverage. 
It sucks that you can't really see the glitter in this beauty, because they're defiantly there. It's so sparky too, especially in the sun. Woah! 
Here's a close up so you can see all the pretty glitter :)
Anddd.. Another photo just because its so pretty! Moonstone Nail Polish doesn't officially launch until the 29th of October so you can keep up with her Instagram by searching: @moonstonenailpolish and you can check out her store ( although you can't purchase the polishes yet ) by clicking here.

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Review- Emily De Molly Bo Peep

Hey girls,
Today I have another EdM to show you all. This has been on my wishlist for ages so I'm glad I was able to get it!

Monet's garden has lemon, pink, and purple glitter in various shapes & sizes all in a light green base.

Here I've done 3 thin coats topped with Glossy Glam. Application was easy and there was no fishing for glitter! I did a little bit of dabbing so I could get an even finish. 

This is such a pretty colour! I love how different the glitter is aswell, it's unique and it works! I looooooove this polish so much, it also looks nice with a matte top coat but I don't have it with me to take pictures :(

And another picture because its so damn gorgeous. If your interested purchasing this polish and many others from Hayley you can click here. She is now selling stamping plates aswell so go check them out.



Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Review- Emily De Molly Monet's Garden

Hey girls!
So not long ago, Hayley had a sale that I could not just pass up and I managed to snatch 4 and she kindly added an extra which I think is discontinued now? Ill post a swatch sooner or later but I thought it was a nice little surprise in my package.

Anyway, today I'm showing you Monet's Garden.
It has a mixture of green, lime, neon green, pink, purple and blue glitter in a green jelly base. Here I've done 3 coats topped of with Glossy Glam. 
Application was pretty good, I did find that the glitter kind of stuck to together so I really had to dab them around to get an even coverage which wasn't that bad.
I love the combination of this polish and the green base just makes it that much prettier, I couldn't dcapturehow pretty this polish really is so hopefully these macros make it a little easier to see all the prettiness. Haha :) 

Ahh, gorgeous hey? If your interested in purchasing any polishes from this amazing Aussie indie brand you can check out their store by clicking here.

Saturday, 12 October 2013

Review: Honey Buttons Nail Polish Custom Lacquer

Hey girls,
I was lucky enough to be asked by Jess, the creator of Honey Buttons NP a couple weeks ago to make a couple of custom polishes with her. Of course I said yes straight away! I actually thought she was joking - hahaha. Why was I so excited about this you ask? Well, nobody else in the entire world would have these polishes except me! How cool right? 

The first polish I chose to create was a black and white glitter topper with the label inspired by the movie, ' 101 Dalmatians '. I didn't really have my mind set on what this polish would look like but when it came in the mail I knew Jess had done an amazing job. 
Here I've done 2 thin coats over a green polish. Although despite all my efforts only a little bit of the white glitter came out and a lot of the tiny black glitter did, I love the look of this! I don't have anything like this, and I've never seen a polish like it! So unique.. So beautiful :)

The next one I personally think IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL POLISH EVER. This polish wasn't inspired by anything, but it did inspire me to change the labels on my own indie brand bottles! For this polish, all I asked was to put purple, white and pink hex and circle glitter in various sizes. I also wanted the base to be light purple, my favourite colour! For the label I asked for my nickname ' Bella ' in curly writing in a love heart. 
Jess totally nailed it! I've done two coats with a topcoat here although one coat would of been alright but I wanted more glitter. I think this polish is perfect, the colour, the glitter, the label, application and drying time is just perfect. I'm not even exaggerating! How could a polish be so amazing? I have no idea but Jess is incredibly talented at what she does! 
 Here's another picture just because I love it so much! Defiantly a new favourite polish for me I reckon. I will be keeping this on for a couple days I think :)

If your interested in customizing your own polishes and labels you can check out Honey Buttons Nail Polish Facebook page by clicking here. You can also check out their store by clicking here. Prices for Jessica's polishes are totally affordable and are great for gifts as well as for yourself :)


Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Review: Polish Addict Nail Color Cupcakes & Sprinkles

Hey girls!
Today I have yet another, PANC polish to show you all today! I actually got this free with my previous order because I am apart of Laura's Facebook group. :)

Cupcakes & Sprinkles has a very unique mix of glitter in a light purple base.

Here I've done 4 thin coats and there is still a little bit of VNL. Although this doesn't bother me because of my short nails, people with longer nails would probably prefer this polish over a base colour. The application was easy but the polish has quite a thin consistently.

I love this polish so much! More then I thought I would. I also did nail art over this but it sucked so much so I shall not post it and save your eyesight :') If your interested in purchasing this polish and many others from Laura and Chrystal you can check out the girls shop out by clicking here. Sadly, their shop is currently closed until Oct 11..

Saturday, 5 October 2013

Review- Lush Lacquer Clowning Around

Hey girls,
This is my first and only Lush Lacquer that I currently own and it has been on my wishlist for ages and now I am finally able to post swatches and have this beauty in my collection.

Clowning Around is a mixture of translucent neon hexes in different sizes all in a clear base.

Here I've done one coat over Essie " Play Date ". Application was a lot like the other glitter toppers I own, not the easiest to apply but nothing you handle if you just dab it on. It also took a long time to dry, even with a fast drying topcoat.

I do love this polish and the best thing about it is you can put it over any colour and it still looks fabulous. Lush Lacquer can be purchased by clicking here

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Review: Pretty Pots Polishes

Hi girls!
I'm so happy to be able to share these polishes to you all, these are created by the lovely Jalene. Pretty Pots Polish is a fairly new indie polish line and I was happy to help her out with some swatches. Before we start I'd like to say that this polishes are the most unique polishes I own to date, they also came wrapped BEAUTIFULLY and also came with a very thoughtful letter.

First up, Rosepepper in Sorbet. This polish has rose copper glitter in a pastel lemon pearlescent base.

Here I've done 3 thin coats with a topcoat. Application was easy and no fishing for glitter was required. I normally don't like yellow polishes but this polish has changed my mind for good! 

Next up is Midnight Millions,  blue glitters of various shades, gold circles, gold hex's and iridescent silver glitter in a slightly tinted base.

Here I've done one dabbed coat over a light blue. Application for this beauty was really bad :( I tried layering it over colours, by itself, shaking the bottle, letting it stand upside down, no matter what I did it was hard to work with. I do love this colour, although because of the application I'm unsure whether I'd wear it again or not.

 Now, Poker Queen Of Heartz. Red and Gold glitter hearts, bright red glitter, silver iridescence, black glitter specks in a translucent black base.

Here I've 4 coats with one coat of top coat, I decided not to put the hearts on my nails only because I prefer it without. Although they came out so easily! I actually had to un fish them lol. Application was easy and I actually loved this polish more then I thought I would.

Next is, Hurricane Blurple. It has purple holo glitter, deep blue holo glitters and silver diamonds.
Here I've done two coats over dark purple. One thing I love about Jalene's polishes it that you can wear them alone or over top of another colour to get a completely different look! I realllly love this polish because it was probably one of the easiest to apply and I love purple and blue together haha. 

Third last, I have Ariel Goes To The Ball. It has lavender glitter, silver holo bars, turqoise diamonds in a slightly tinted base. 
Here I've done one coat over a light purple. The only thing I have to complain about here is that the bar glitter sticks up even with a good topcoat. Everything else about this polish is perfect!

Second last, nearly done! I have Pink Spring. It has blue butterflies, lavender glitter, mint green, bright green glitter in a pale pink, lightly pearlescent base.
This is another favorite from the polishes I received. Here I've done two coats alone with a top coat.i actually can't think of anything to complain about this polish. Application and drying time was amazing. 

Lastly, we have Granny Smith loves pearls. It has silver and black glitters in an apple green pearlescent base. 
Here I've done 4 thin coats with a topcoat. This polish is not something I'd normally go for but surprising I really like it! Maybe because I like Granny Smith apples? Lol.. Application was great and it's not a glitter bomb, it's in fact the opposite and I really like how simple this polish is.

Well that's it, overall I loved all these polishes and I'm so happy I could help out with swatches. Another reason I love this indie brand is not only because of the awesome polish but the incredibly sweet creator, Jalene. I can tell she isn't making and selling these polishes to make money, she's doing it as a hobby and because she loves it and it defiantly shows. This is probably the longest post I've ever written so I'll stop here. If your interested in this polishes you can purchase them by clicking hereand you can check out her Facebook page by clicking here. You can also find her in IG as: @prettypotspolish :)