Sunday, 18 August 2013

Nail Care in just 5 easy steps!

Hi girls,
Well today I have something different to show you all. Something we all have trouble with sometimes and one of the most important things to a nail artist, nail care! In just 5 easy steps. Why am I showing you this? I have had a little nail and cuticle problem from the past couple of days so I didn't want you all witnessing something horrible :') 

You will need:
1: Base Coat
2: Orange Stick
3: Nail File
4: Hand Cream ( opt )
5: Cuticle Butter

Start of by making sure you have clean nails with no left over polish on them. If they have gotten a little long, give them a little file making sure you file in one direction. I purchased my nail file for a couple dollars on Ebay for a pack of about 20.

I then apply my base coat which is Triple Power Nail Strengthener by Nutra Nail. I haven't really found a base coat that works for me quite yet so I just settle for this one or whichever one I have access to at that moment. 

After my base coat is dry, I paint my nails however I like them and seal them with a top coat. If you aren't going to paint your nails a colour then you can just skip this step.

Once all that is done, you can apply your hand cream or cuticle oil just in case your hands/nails are dry. This is a a very important step as nobody wants yucky cuticles! They don't look nice in pictures and just in general.

Before going to bed, I always apply my Lemony Flutter made by Lush Cosmetics. It not only smells amazing, I wake up with really soft cuticles and they look 100% better.

That's it! Your done, sorry for such a boring post but I thought why not post it now while I had the chance. I hope you guys like the little tips and tricks and learning about my nail care routine. I do this every time I paint my nails, so get painting my lovelies! 


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