Saturday, 12 October 2013

Review: Honey Buttons Nail Polish Custom Lacquer

Hey girls,
I was lucky enough to be asked by Jess, the creator of Honey Buttons NP a couple weeks ago to make a couple of custom polishes with her. Of course I said yes straight away! I actually thought she was joking - hahaha. Why was I so excited about this you ask? Well, nobody else in the entire world would have these polishes except me! How cool right? 

The first polish I chose to create was a black and white glitter topper with the label inspired by the movie, ' 101 Dalmatians '. I didn't really have my mind set on what this polish would look like but when it came in the mail I knew Jess had done an amazing job. 
Here I've done 2 thin coats over a green polish. Although despite all my efforts only a little bit of the white glitter came out and a lot of the tiny black glitter did, I love the look of this! I don't have anything like this, and I've never seen a polish like it! So unique.. So beautiful :)

The next one I personally think IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL POLISH EVER. This polish wasn't inspired by anything, but it did inspire me to change the labels on my own indie brand bottles! For this polish, all I asked was to put purple, white and pink hex and circle glitter in various sizes. I also wanted the base to be light purple, my favourite colour! For the label I asked for my nickname ' Bella ' in curly writing in a love heart. 
Jess totally nailed it! I've done two coats with a topcoat here although one coat would of been alright but I wanted more glitter. I think this polish is perfect, the colour, the glitter, the label, application and drying time is just perfect. I'm not even exaggerating! How could a polish be so amazing? I have no idea but Jess is incredibly talented at what she does! 
 Here's another picture just because I love it so much! Defiantly a new favourite polish for me I reckon. I will be keeping this on for a couple days I think :)

If your interested in customizing your own polishes and labels you can check out Honey Buttons Nail Polish Facebook page by clicking here. You can also check out their store by clicking here. Prices for Jessica's polishes are totally affordable and are great for gifts as well as for yourself :)


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