Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Review: Pretty Pots Polishes

Hi girls!
I'm so happy to be able to share these polishes to you all, these are created by the lovely Jalene. Pretty Pots Polish is a fairly new indie polish line and I was happy to help her out with some swatches. Before we start I'd like to say that this polishes are the most unique polishes I own to date, they also came wrapped BEAUTIFULLY and also came with a very thoughtful letter.

First up, Rosepepper in Sorbet. This polish has rose copper glitter in a pastel lemon pearlescent base.

Here I've done 3 thin coats with a topcoat. Application was easy and no fishing for glitter was required. I normally don't like yellow polishes but this polish has changed my mind for good! 

Next up is Midnight Millions,  blue glitters of various shades, gold circles, gold hex's and iridescent silver glitter in a slightly tinted base.

Here I've done one dabbed coat over a light blue. Application for this beauty was really bad :( I tried layering it over colours, by itself, shaking the bottle, letting it stand upside down, no matter what I did it was hard to work with. I do love this colour, although because of the application I'm unsure whether I'd wear it again or not.

 Now, Poker Queen Of Heartz. Red and Gold glitter hearts, bright red glitter, silver iridescence, black glitter specks in a translucent black base.

Here I've 4 coats with one coat of top coat, I decided not to put the hearts on my nails only because I prefer it without. Although they came out so easily! I actually had to un fish them lol. Application was easy and I actually loved this polish more then I thought I would.

Next is, Hurricane Blurple. It has purple holo glitter, deep blue holo glitters and silver diamonds.
Here I've done two coats over dark purple. One thing I love about Jalene's polishes it that you can wear them alone or over top of another colour to get a completely different look! I realllly love this polish because it was probably one of the easiest to apply and I love purple and blue together haha. 

Third last, I have Ariel Goes To The Ball. It has lavender glitter, silver holo bars, turqoise diamonds in a slightly tinted base. 
Here I've done one coat over a light purple. The only thing I have to complain about here is that the bar glitter sticks up even with a good topcoat. Everything else about this polish is perfect!

Second last, nearly done! I have Pink Spring. It has blue butterflies, lavender glitter, mint green, bright green glitter in a pale pink, lightly pearlescent base.
This is another favorite from the polishes I received. Here I've done two coats alone with a top coat.i actually can't think of anything to complain about this polish. Application and drying time was amazing. 

Lastly, we have Granny Smith loves pearls. It has silver and black glitters in an apple green pearlescent base. 
Here I've done 4 thin coats with a topcoat. This polish is not something I'd normally go for but surprising I really like it! Maybe because I like Granny Smith apples? Lol.. Application was great and it's not a glitter bomb, it's in fact the opposite and I really like how simple this polish is.

Well that's it, overall I loved all these polishes and I'm so happy I could help out with swatches. Another reason I love this indie brand is not only because of the awesome polish but the incredibly sweet creator, Jalene. I can tell she isn't making and selling these polishes to make money, she's doing it as a hobby and because she loves it and it defiantly shows. This is probably the longest post I've ever written so I'll stop here. If your interested in this polishes you can purchase them by clicking hereand you can check out her Facebook page by clicking here. You can also find her in IG as: @prettypotspolish :) 


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