Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Review- Emily De Molly Monet's Garden

Hey girls!
So not long ago, Hayley had a sale that I could not just pass up and I managed to snatch 4 and she kindly added an extra which I think is discontinued now? Ill post a swatch sooner or later but I thought it was a nice little surprise in my package.

Anyway, today I'm showing you Monet's Garden.
It has a mixture of green, lime, neon green, pink, purple and blue glitter in a green jelly base. Here I've done 3 coats topped of with Glossy Glam. 
Application was pretty good, I did find that the glitter kind of stuck to together so I really had to dab them around to get an even coverage which wasn't that bad.
I love the combination of this polish and the green base just makes it that much prettier, I couldn't dcapturehow pretty this polish really is so hopefully these macros make it a little easier to see all the prettiness. Haha :) 

Ahh, gorgeous hey? If your interested in purchasing any polishes from this amazing Aussie indie brand you can check out their store by clicking here.

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