Saturday, 21 December 2013

Review- Pretty Pots Polishes

Hi girls,
Well, I've been a very busy girl these last couple of days because I was swatching a couple of the polishes from Pretty Pots Polish new collection, due to officially release early January. First off, I want to say how well all of the polishes came packed. All in their own little box and then wrapped with the cutest tissue paper! 

First off we have Burlesque Baby, a unique mix of glitters including stars, dots and diamonds in a sheer pink jelly base.

Here is 4 coats on its on topped with GG. As you can see, the base is very sheer and you need a good couple of thick coats to cover the nail completely. You could always wear this over a base colour aswell. Application was good, I didn't do any fishing for glitters as there is so many! I really like this one.

Next is up is Katniss, a mixture of red, black, silver and white glitter aswell and tiny little bar glitter in a peachy or pastel orange base 

Here is two coats with GG topcoat, application was easy and the glitter came out so easy too! No fishing at all, which is always a bonus. Looking at the bottle, I didn't really like the polish but it looks amazing on the nails. Never judge a polish by the bottle, lol. This also reminds me if something, but for the life of me I can't think what! 

Now we have Imaginarium, a mix of blue, green, yellow and orange glitter in a milky white base
Here is three coats with GG topcoat, application was a little tricky with this one. I found it to be on the thicker side and the glitter was quite dense. I love how the yellow glitter stands out in this polish though, it's so different and eye catching! 
Second last we have Breakfast at Tiff's, a mixture of gold square glitter and silver holo sparkle in a gorgeous aqua base

Here is two coats with GG topcoat, although I probably should of just stopped with one coat. It was opaque in one, but I wanted more glitter and the second coat totally covered the first  :( I absolutely adore the colour of this one, and the glitter compliments it so well. This is one of favourites from the polishes Jalene sent me. 

Lastly, we have Queen Bee Wannabe which has a mixture of pink, purple, silver and blue glitter in a pink base 
Here is three coats with GG topcoat, application for this was perfect. Absolutely no fishing for glitter, infact the stars came out so easily. This is my favorite of the whole collection and it's not hard to see why! The base, the glitters, the quality, it's just an amazing polish and oh so girly!

Overall, all these polishes are amazing and you defiantly need them so watch out for the release in 2014, which I'm sure will be a great year for Pretty Pots Polish as their polish will be available to purchase from Beauty So Fly in the new year! I'm so happy I've been apart of Jalene, the owner and creator of Pretty Pots Polish, journey into the indie polish buisness and I will always do my best to help her out in any way I can. You can check out her store by clicking here. Although its currently closed until the new year! 

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