Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Review- Pretty & Polished Back To The Fuchsia

Hi girls,
I have been so busy tonight doing homework I nearly forgot to post my review on yet another, Pretty and Polished thermal. I am so happy to finally post this, a link to purple thermal was number one on my wish list. I wish I had gotten one with out glitter but hey, at least I have one now.

Back To The Fuchsia is a pink to purple thermal with pink and purple glitter.
This is in the cold state which I prefer. Here is 3 coats, it applied so easily and I didn't have any problems. The larger pink hex was a little hard to get out but I prefer the polish without them anyway. 
Here's the polish in the warm state, it's such a shame the pink glitter basically becomes invisible in this colour base. I absolutely love this polish and I can see myself wearing this polish, a lot! This is available right now and you can purchase ' Back To The Fuchsia ' at

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