Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Emily De Molly Oceanic Forces

Hi girls!
Today I have my last polish from Emily De Molly to show you :(. Never fear! That's just an excuse to buy more of Hayley's beautiful creations..

Oceanic Forces has hex glitter in three different sizes aswell and BIG DOTS.
Here I've done 3 thin coats with Glossy Glam topcoat. I probably should of added another coat of polish since in some lighting it's actually very blotchy. That's just my poor application skills, I'm sure! Other then that application was super easy and and I didn't have to fish for those beautiful dots which I was pleasantly surprised by. 
I wish I got better photos of this polish, it's so pretty and sparkly in person! I hope to get the other ' Forces ' soon because I am in love with this one. Why are you still reading this? Go and grab yourself a bottle or two by clicking here


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