Saturday, 16 November 2013

Review: Pretty and Polished Tomboyish

Hi girls
Today I have a very old indie polish brand to show you! You may remember this brand from one of my very first blog posts, yep you got it.. Today I have a polish to show you from the brand ' Pretty & Polished '. I'm also excited to show you this because it's my very first thermal, eeek!

Tomboyish is describes as a creamy teal when cold to a rainy blue when warm but I'd have to disagree, because unless I'm colour blind my polish wasn't teal, nor blue. It was more of a gray-ish to an olive green. It also has holographic sparkle. 

Here it is in it's cold state. I've done 4 coats and there still VNL but that doesn't really bother me. Application was really good, so was drying time. 

Here's the polish in the warm state. I loooove this shade of green, I have never really seen a polish quite like it before. 

Lastly, here's a picture in the sun to show the true colour and the holographic sparkle. In my opinion it's not very holographic at all but it's still really pretty. You could say I was very disappointed with this polish as it's nothing like what it is described as on the website. The picture is nothing like the polish either, maybe they changed their formula or their pigment completely. I'm not too sure.. Although I wasn't expecting these colours, I must say I do love this polish!! You can grab your own buy clicking here.

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